I have a vision, my vision is a narrow white plinth sat diagonally in the middle of the room with five hands of different shapes, ages, sizes and materials, holding. Grasping. Delicately placed objects around and on the hands, the objects relate to the owners of the hands in question.

Animal bones, hair, teeth, material.

other objects which are not yet decided, will closely relate to death, death of which has not yet come. never been experienced, I have held hands with it, brushed shoulders, but never   has it taken someone I love.

The Final Degree Show Project. 2013

So, after over a decade of education, i am about to drop off the end of it, and theres no better way to do it, than in style.

My final project is a self negotiated, hand written and crafted brief based on the death commemoration and how we remember our dead.

The Simple term ‘Memento Mori’ (in Latin, Remember You Wll Die) is one thing i cannot grasp. I have never lost a loved one who and for this reason and other personal reasons which led to the subject of this project, I thought  I would explore the things in my life that would be a remembrance for my family, when they are no longer here. 

I began my research by looking at the different way in history of how we have remembered our dead for example, hair work jewellery, lovers eyes, Memento Mori jewellery, portraits, tear catchers and much much more, then began looking at the theory of death, reading anthropological texts and researching how different religions treat their deceased.

Reliquaries are influencing me more and more, the idea of encasing an object or body part and capture it forever as almost a shrine is something I would like to achieve in my work, the idea of a reliquary is to make a vessel for an object which would have been carried by the saint of the reliquary in question there is a lot of hand, feet and teeth in these.

Alexander McQueen is someone who influences me heavily in art and fashion, everything about his work strikes a chord in me, whether it was his fascination with death or how he used materials to their boundaries I have no idea, but something about his work is just amazing. 

So beginning with research and then going on to sketching out ideas of what i want from this project. 


Hands are definitely going to be a major part of this project.