Live-casting with Algenate.



I had to find something to cast my hands in, and not being able to do it in plaster (exothermic reaction will burn skin) and unable to cast in silicone (toxic and irritant) i needed to use Algenate, this is what dentists use to take moulds of your teeth, it feels like blamange and smells like mint, lovely!

I cast my hands in two different positions and this stuff, goes off very quickly and unexpectedly, and it does pick up lots of detail but it does sometimes create air bubbles and misses parts of the cast


so after I had enough wiggle room to get my hands out I poured in fine casting plaster and let it set and this is what I got:

to demould algenate, because its a temporary cast it only lasts about 48 hours before it goes funny you just tare it away from the plaster to reveal the cast.




they came out really well for a first cast, but its just not picked up enough detail and there are too many imperfections.